What is NsfwGPT.ai?

NsfwGPT.ai is a free, inclusive, and democratized AI Chatbot platform that allows you to freely create any Chatbot, engage in conversations, and share with the community. We encourage you to communicate with our Discord community members about Prompt Engineering, how to create AI Chatbots, and other related topics. Through this platform, you can have fun while gaining an understanding of how AI operates.

Why NsfwGPT.ai?

NsfwGPT.ai operates on an advanced LLM (Large Language Model) at its core, which enables the creation of Chatbots that can provide realistic and human-like responses. We have not implemented strict filters for NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content on this platform, allowing for a more intimate interaction with the Chatbot compared to similar platforms.

However, it is important to note that any illegal or unethical activities, such as child pornography, terrorism, racial discrimination, and human rights violations, are still strictly prohibited. If you come across any such content on the platform, please use the report button to notify us. We will promptly remove the content and take appropriate actions against the associated accounts.

Why do we allow NSFW AI content?

We believe that NSFW content should not be equated with immorality. Adult topics are considered normal needs; they are simply not suitable for discussion in public settings. We believe that normal human desires should not be abruptly prohibited. Instead, we believe that NSFW AI technology can effectively help people overcome loneliness and, to some extent, reduce exploitation of real humans. However, we firmly believe that any unethical content should be prohibited both legally and technologically.

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